BSG Acoustic Guitars

    If its good enough for Tommy Emmanuel its good enough for me!  And why wouldn't it be?  Jan is a custom guitar builder in my favorite part of the World - Czech Republic!

    Better known previously to me as the home of Furch Guitars I have now found this truly wonderful man who builds every guitar by hand, seeking perfection in all his work.

    Incredibly his prices are not much more than what you would pay for a Furch guitar (which despite being stunning and heads and shoulders above mass produced guitars like Taylor & Martin - are still produced in a production line environment so always lacking the finer understanding and skills of the builder who works with the guitar from beginning to end)

    I am SO proud to be representing BSG Guitars and look forward to working with both you and Jan to find you a guitar of your dreams.

    Feel free to chat to me about any guitar you want building but below you will find a growing number of photo galleries showing his amazing work - along with current models for sale or guitars being made by Jan as we speak (which of course you can pre order and test on arrival or have delivered anywhere in the World).

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