Furch Yellow Gc-CR SPA Master&
Furch Yellow Gc-CR SPA Master&
Furch Yellow Gc-CR SPA Master&
Furch Yellow Gc-CR SPA Master&
Furch Yellow Gc-CR SPA Master&
Furch Yellow Gc-CR SPA Master&
Furch Yellow Gc-CR SPA Master&
Furch Yellow Gc-CR SPA Master&
Furch Yellow Gc-CR SPA Master&
Furch Yellow Gc-CR SPA Master&
Furch Yellow Gc-CR SPA Master&

Furch Yellow Gc-CR SPA Master's Choice Grand Auditorium (cutaway) Acoustic Guitar

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" My most highly recommended G23CRC by Furch has been upgraded to the Yellow Series GCRC in 2018 with the introduction of CNR "

LR Baggs Stagepro Anthem system

Furch Yellow Master’s Choice guitars come with LR Baggs Stagepro Anthem pickup with the control panel mounted in the side of the guitar to provide easy access to the battery, and built-in three-band equalizer. The mix control allows blending the sound from the microphone and the undersaddle pickup. Additional tone shaping features include bass and treble controls, phase inversion, a notch filter, and highly efficient feedback suppression.

EXCLUSIVE! Due to my personal love of the original G23CRC - Furch have agreed to produce my guitars with the original inlays! Of course, if you want the new inlays they are available too.

G23CRC Inlays

2018 Yellow Series Inlays. Personally, I love the originals so I fought for them exclusively for my customers! If you like the new ones though - they are available too.

2018 Yellow Series Inlays

Well what can I say about the Yellow Series? 2 words. World Class.

If you are looking to invest up to GBP2500 in an acoustic guitar, ignore Furch at your Peril. The Furch Yellow Series CR C is has become the face of Furch in its former guise as the G23CRC and is certainly a top personal recommendation.

As the UKs leading authority on Furch guitars I can give you any information you require on the Furch range but also provide an insight into details you would not be able to find anywhere else to help find the right Furch for you.

With our meticulous quality control service, unique attention to detail in the setup service and personal pre dispatch testing by Richard you can be assured of a perfect instrument in every way with back service pretty much around the clock via live help and Richards 24 hour voice mail to email service.

Furch CNR System

Given that the neck is one of the most important components of a guitar, devising a neck design offering maximum stability has been a great challenge throughout the history of guitar building. Following many years of research and development, we are proud to introduce the Furch CNR System (Composite Neck Reinforcement), a revolutionary neck design that relies on state-of-the-art materials to bring unmatched stability thanks to which the neck has 90% higher resistance to deformations caused by string tension and changes in humidity compared to traditional neck designs.

The Furch CNR System consists of an adjustable truss rod placed inside a carbon casing. Combined with a high-precision manufacturing process, the innovative design translates into unparalleled stability of the neck joint and the neck along its entire length as well as supreme accuracy of neck relief adjustment. Because it is very rigid, the neck joint of Furch guitars does not need heavy reinforcements, which makes it much lighter than traditional designs. In addition, the absence of reinforcing components allows a larger area of the soundboard to resonate freely and produce better sound. All parts of the Furch CNR System are invisibly integrated into the neck.

Furch CNR System

  1. A fully adjustable dual-action truss rod for highly precise adjustment of the neck bow in both the convex and concave directions.
  2. A highly rigid carbon casing that maintains the neck in the set position over a period much longer than is the case with standard neck joint designs and, at the same time, facilitates a gradual bow in the neck, a factor of essential importance for playability.
  3. A fully adjustable dual-action truss rod for highly precise adjustment of the neck bow in both the convex and concave directions


    Available body shapes Gc
    Neck-to-body joint At the 14th fret
    Solid top - grade Western red cedar - AAA
    Solid back and sides - grade Indian rosewood - AA
    Binding Artificial tortoise with white line
    Purfling Five black and white lines
    Rosette Green abalone double ring with black and white line
    Bridge Ebony
    Bridge pins Ebony
    Saddle TUSQ fully compensated
    Bridge string spacing 55 mm
    Top finish Full-Pore High-Gloss Finish
    Back and sides finish Full-Pore High-Gloss Finish
    Pickguard Anti-Scratch - transparent


    Nut width 45 mm
    Neck reinforcement CNR System with dual-action adjustment
    Neck profile Furch Soft V
    Scale length 650 mm
    Fingerboard material Ebony
    Fingerboard radius 400 mm
    Fingerboard front inlay White pearl Eclipse inlays
    Fingerboard side inlay White pearl position dots
    Fret finish Polished
    Headstock overlay Ebony
    Neck material African mahogany
    Machine heads Gotoh 510 Silver Patina - gear ratio 1:21
    Machine head buttons Ebony
    Zero fret TUSQ
    Nut string spacing 38 mm
    Strings Elixir Ph-Br Nanoweb 12-53
    Neck finish Full-Pore Smooth-Slide Satin Finish
    Headstock finish Full-Pore High-Gloss Finish

    We provide the most comprehensive pre and post sale service in the industry with a combined value of over 100 GBP

    Demonstrated by over1000 verified customer reviews HERE

    This service consists of:

    *  Completely taylored / personalised setup service ensuring your guitar plays to your personal playing requirements.

    *  Unique level of quality control ensuring you cannot receive a poor quality / standard of guitar fit & finish.

    *  6 & 12 month check & reset if you wish to take advantage and live close enough to visit.

    Please be assured that this service is like no other with over 1 hour spent on every guitar before sale

    For further extensive details on this service please click HERE

    Furch Guitars Specialist
    Where do I start?
    Furch (Or Stonebridge as they were then known) was the brand that made me realise that what you think you know - isn't always as much as you would hope!  As a guitar specialist I was proud even back then of my experiences and desire to help focus my customers attention to what I believed were the best guitars to buy.  Furch tought me that you can only base your views on the experiences you have had through life - and this is why I now talk about "your truth / my truth".  Your truth on the best guitars out there may be different to mine A) because we simply have different taste but more often than not B) We haven't shared the exact same experiences.
    Sadly main stream retail pushes mainstream brands.  This is due to availability and ease of sale due to the masses of marketing that goes into the brand.  As a result all you see is Taylor, Martin, Takamine - you know - you have seen them in every major outlet!!!
    So what about Furch?  World class.  Pretty much sums them up for me!  
    From as little as £849 for an all solid acoustic guitar that has tone and feel to die for.  Out of this world.
    Made in the Czech Republic and I have been promoting them for at least 15 years now.
    We are the UKS largest, dedicated Furch guitar specialist.  I chat with the UK distributor on an almost daily basis and have all the stock information to hand.
    All I ask is that before you spend your hard earned money on a mainstream guitar brand - start investigating FURCH.  Check out Youtube videos - read my customer reviews from over the years and listen to PLAYERS.... Not retailers!
    In the video below I show you the guitar I mentioned before.  The Furch Blue G  CMC.  A top personal recommendation for anyone wanting a World Class acoustic under £1000.
    Check it out on my site here too...

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