Furch OOM Guitars

Furch OOM guitars are immediately recognisable by the smaller body and neck join at the 12th fret.   A beautiful slotted headstock finishes off the look.

The Furch OOM is available in the Vintage series only so this covers 30,31,32,33,34,35

Series 32-35 feature "aged" woods whereby an enzyme is introduced to the wood in order to artificially recreate the ageing process of an 80 year old guitar.  This is standard on all Furch Vintage Series guitars between 32-35.

The OOM would historically be associated with picking styles as they lack the bottom end of a larger body guitar (deliberately so in order to not over power the music with boomy bass when playing delicate finger style pieces) but the OOM is being accepted by a wider range of players and is wonderfully fun - and of course compact!

For more details, help and advice please click on the live chat and speak to me (Richard) directly.  I will help you find the OOM model that suits your playing style and budget.