Dowina Walnut (Sol)  BVH, Nylon Strung Guitar for sale at Richards Guitars.
Dowina Walnut (Sol)  BVH, Nylon Strung Guitar for sale at Richards Guitars.
Dowina Walnut (Sol)  BVH, Nylon Strung Guitar for sale at Richards Guitars.

Dowina Walnut (Sol) BVH

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An EXQUISITE hand made nylon string guitar from Slovakian builder "Stan" who makes Dowina guitars!

The story behind this brand is remarkable but the bottom line is this is a hand made wonder of a nylon guitar that you can buy for £999.

Please do watch my video. This specific model became available in May 2020 and is set to be my #1 recommendation under £1000 if you want a parlor style (compact) nylon guitar - hybrid nut width at 47mm so its incrediblyeasy and comfortable to play.

The sound is just immense.

Select solid USA Sitka Spruce/Canadian Cedar top
solid USA Walnut b&s
mahogany neck
ebony bridge & fingerboard


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Dowina guitars have fast become a great love of mine.  After receiving my first email from Stan - the man behind Dowina guitars - I knew this was going to be exciting!  His passion for his craft and desire to share this with me demonstrated this was a man who I was going to get on with!

Dowina guitars are hand made in Slovakia.  An incredible back story and proof that the greatest things are rarely easy to find.   Who has heard of Dowina?  I hadn't!

Yet - From £699 you can buy the most extraordinary hand made acoustic which sounds wonderful, plays beautifully and has all the trademarks of a £3000 Lowden for a quarter of the price?  Can this be for real?

Watch my video and see if you agree?