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For the past 10 years I have been helping raise awareness of the Worlds finest acoustic craftsmanship in the form of Furch guitars in the Czech Republic.

ROZAWOOD are also based in Czech and have similar stories to tell in terms of their passion for folk music and producing the finest acoustic instruments.  However, Rozawood take the artistry and production detail to the next level.  No longer a "production" environment - but one man and his lifes experiences going into each and every guitar.  Weeks have to be taken out to personally source the finest tonewoods that Roman knows will provide the very best tone and beauty for his customers.

This wonderful workshop consists of Roman and his son Petr - A father and son team producing exquisite acoustic guitars to a select clientele who seek a unique instrument that encapsulates perfection.

In order to help you understand more about what makes Romans work quite so unique I will be blogging my developments working with Roman.

I will also be bringing you some pricing information shortly.

In the mean time, here is Roman - the man responsible for helping me get excited about guitars in 2016....

To learn more about Roman and his wonderful guitars visit his website and remember if you want to discuss having a guitar made for you, by Roman, just click on my live chat button and I would welcome the opportunity to help you create your dream guitar.

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