Furch (Stonebridge) 20 Series Guitars

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Summary Of Furch 20 Series Acoustic Guitars

The 20  Series Represents a Juncture where World Class Acoustics meet undeniable affordable value.

If you have been considering the likes of Taylor or Martin guitars at the £700 price point - WHY?!!!  LAMINATE back and sides and sterile tone?  Why would you accept that?

Every 20 series Furch guitar retains the purity of tone of their bigger brothers utilizing all solid wood construction (cedar tops with mahogany back and sides).

The only way I can describe how people react when they try a 20 series is that jaws drop - people cannot understand why the mainstream retailer on their local high street isn't selling them. (Large stores and faceless online catalogs like stock that is well marketed and in plentiful supply - IE MASS produced. You do not have to settle for this.)

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