Essential Accessories For Your Guitar

Although our focus is dedicated to the supply of the finest quality guitars and our bespoke set up service, we do get asked constantly for additional accessories. 

For that reason I have put online a selection of products that will compliment your new guitar perfectly.

If you want to add anything to your order it is simple, just click on "view here" and add the item to your basket.


Guitar Cable - View Here

If you are buying an electro acoustic or electric guitar you will certainly need a cable.  Maybe you already have one but want a superior quality cable.  I supply Planet Waves cables, endorsed by players such as Joe Satriani.  If its good enough for Joe I am sure they are good enough for us mere mortals.


Guitar Stand - View Here

I supply a high quality stand - the same stand that I use to display all my guitars in store.  Don't buy a poor quality stand as you will regret it.  I have seen so many accidents over the years caused by inferior quality stands.


Guitar Strap - View Here

The guitar strap is certainly one of life's essentials if you are a guitarist! .We have over 250 straps to suit everyone's personal taste and budget.  If you are buying an acoustic guitar, we will fit a strap button FREE of charge if you order guitar that doesn't have the button fitted already!


Gig Bag - View Here

Gig Bags have a number of benefits over hardcases.  For many casual users a quality highly padded gig bag is possibly all they need.  They are easy to transport, lightweight and will protect your guitar from general bumps and dings!  Of course a gig bag is a cheaper investment than a case too.  I supply an incredibly good, high quality, padded bag with lots of compartments and zippers for all your additional accessories too.  You don't need to buy a specific guitar size as we will use your guitar order as the reference.


Hardcase - View Here

If you are going to buy a case to protect your guitar, your money is wasted on anything less than a Hiscox case.  The best case money can buy and whilst they are not cheap, for the extra £20 or so you will pay over a cheap far eastern alternative (Hiscox cases are made in UK) you will never regret the investment.  Many top brands pay to equip their guitars in Hiscox cases such as Yamaha, Furch & Parker.


Electronic Tuner - View Here

Electronic tuners are obviously vital to keep you in tune!  The tuner I recommend is small and discrete and super accurate.  Its all you need.


Cleaning Products - View Here

If you click on the link you will see a range of very high quality cleaning products which help clean the guitar strings, nourish the fretboard, clean the body of the guitar and also for lubricating nut and saddle for improved tuning stability.  All what I would describe as essential for maintenance so feel free to have a look through and see what you need.



You can purchase these accessories before you order your guitar or at any time prior to us dispatching. 


Hope that helps!