"Guitar Setup Near Me?"

"Guitar Setup Near Me?"

If you live in Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire or maybe within an hours drive or so we can provide the same guitar setup service as we provide on all our new and used guitars we sell.

Every guitar sold at Richards Guitars is setup to perfection but we also provide a service for anyone within driving distance who wants to maximise the performance of their guitar.

Unlike most workshop environments we try and keep costs to a standard price.  We don't charge by the hour and there are no hidden costs but please pay close attention to what we DO offer and want we reserve the right to refuse.

To see an acoustic guitar going through the setup process watch the following video...


Naturally every guitar has its own story depending on electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass guitar but rest assured every point of adjsustment necessary is made and every guitar will have fret ends, nut slots, high frets, intonation adjusted to ensure your guitar plays to the very best of its ability post setup.


Booking Your Guitar In For Setup