The In Store Experience

To benefit from our unique style of business there is a "best way" to experience what we offer in store.

RARELY, people expect every single guitar listed on my site to be available to try in store - but it does happen.  If this is you, then STOP!  If you are buying online our workshop queue is 7 days so we don't NEED to carry the stock on the premises and certainly not gathering dust on the walls of my showroom.


Due to the nature of how Richards Guitars operates our showroom will carry a range of guitars generally based on my own personal favorites and guitars I have ordered in for other customers to try.  A flavor you could say of what I love!

Rather than carry fixed stock like a "high street retailer" and try and push people to buy products they may not want I do the opposite - I listen to their requirements in advance, get the guitars in, set them up to perfection and THEN present them to the customer when they know the guitar is ready.

Don't get me wrong, most comments I get from customers about my in store profile is how refreshing it is to see such lovely guitars and so well presented - and cared for!  However, please do not expect specific guitars to be here unless you ask first.

I am always available to help on my live chat and I warmly welcome your inquiry so I can get the right guitar or guitars in for you to try - set up to perfection.

I h

I have been a guitarist for many years, and having the right tool for the job is so important. I found Richard guitars on the internet and was so impressed with his professional service and his wide knowledge on this instrument and his advice in getting me the guitar I wanted for my use. 

I visited Richard at his shop in Stratford and found him very approachable and very friendly, he set the Godin guitar up and I was well pleased with the guitar. 

I set it up at home in my studio, and plugged it in my Gr-55 synth and let it rip ,I was well chuffed and would recommend Richard guitars a must if you want advise and with his wide knowledge of the guitars he will certainly give you all the satisfaction you will ever need 

by Martin L