Showroom Hours


Guideline Hours For in Store Availability Without Prior Notice. 

My showroom is an integral and essential part of my service for those who live close enough or happy to travel to visit me.  However due to the unique nature of my service it is still imperative to consider my opening hours as a guideline.  These core times can vary slightly due to handling other aspects of my work if I have no prior bookings in store.

Tuesday: 10am to 1pm & 2pm to 4pm*

Wednesday: 2pm to 4pm*

Sunday & Monday: Closed

Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 10am to 1pm & 2pm to 4pm*

*PLEASE bare in mind, I am talking to customers from the moment I wake until late at night via live chat and the hours shown are for when I have no appointments and unaware of anyone visiting.  All you need to do is let me know you want to visit and I will be happy to accommodate your timings the best I can.


I always put a strong emphasis on discussing your requirements with me in advance of any visit in order for me to ensure I have the exact models in that suit your personal requirements.  My service is very bespoke in this way - I always like to make sure I can talk about guitars you NEED, rather than guitars I HAVE!!!  (Hence why I hate the phrase "shop" - I always prefer to be thought of as a consultant to your needs rather than someone selling you something).

By making an appointment I can ensure guitars are even setup in advance ready for your arrival.

Traveling a long way?

More customers I deal with on a daily basis are from "out" of town than local and one thing that frustrates me most is someone travelling so far and I don't have a certain guitar that would suit them physically on the premises - hence chatting to me in advance.  Equally important is to contact me on the day you are leaving (if you haven't made an appointment) just to ensure I will be around when you get here!  Being one man means that I may have to leave during showroom hours and during these times the showroom is closed.  Avoid disappointment by either calling me or clicking on the live help button before you leave - just to make 100% sure!

I really do hope I can help you further in store - or online.

What You Will & Won't Find In Store & Why

I offer a bespoke service and deal with every sale personally. I follow the progress of each sale from beginning to end, personally book deliveries for dispatch and wrap and pack the guitars. I do this to provide a consistent, meticulous level of detail, giving myself the peace of mind that the beautifully setup guitars we generate do not get spoilt in transit. 1 guitar damaged in 4 years of delivering guitars around the World (around 10 a week) is testament to the quality of my packing (Sad as it sounds I could bore you to death on how to deliver a guitar successfully!). This all takes up my time of course. For this reason I DO NOT promote the sale of accessories which would take too much of my time from dealing with guitar inquiries.

My showroom opening hours enable customers to try and test my personal collection (consisting primarily of "Richards Choice" selected guitars & quality used guitars (totally reconditioned and setup to perfection)) - whilst allowing me time to handle the various aspects of my customer inquiries in store and online - and of course deal with customers requiring private setups.

I DO NOT sell 3/4 size guitars. It is impossible to provide any level of taylored service at this price point and would feel nervous about supporting these guitars under warranty as they are built to a price. 

On a Tight Budget? (Around £100 or less)

Commercially it is impossible to justify time spent promoting entry level guitars, especially when we put £55 of setup work into every guitar and I personally handle the entire sale process.   However, I want every beginner to be inspired so I will always want to help if I can.

You will find a range of budget guitars that can be ordered online, each one set up to perfection before dispatch.  Few budget/entry level guitars are on display but if you want to get started on a budget, just let me know.  You just need to TRUST that I will help you and you could not be in safer hands.  I will happily supply you a personally recommended starter guitar, set it up to perfection and it will inspire you.  I have to stress that you trust me and run with my personal advice as I don't have time to discuss the pro's and cons of a million and one various alternatives in the market, sold by dealers who WON'T have as much desire to ensure that you get a perfect instrument as I do.  Trust me and you will get the right instrument to suit your personal requirements or I will personally guide you to someone who can.  I do also try and ensure I have some really nice used guitars around whenever possible - this could perfect for you too so it would be a case of chatting to me online, calling or visiting the showroom to find out what I have on the day.

Whatever your standard or budget I am here if you want some honest, professional direction.

I warmly welcome all guitar enthusiasts to visit me any time!