Auden Neo Chester Fullbody, Acoustic Guitar for sale at Richards Guitars.

Auden Neo Chester Fullbody

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" This totally wonderful creation is hand made by a small workshop (a team of 9 men) in China with final setup & electronics fitted in the Gordon Smith workshop in Northampton"


There are so many wonderful things to say about this guitar but the first isn't going to be about the guitar. It is about the man behind it - Doug Sparkes.

My hope is that I can raise awareness of such an important factor when buying any product around the World.

Doug has a wonderful humanitarian spirit. I have seen the most shocking photos - demonstrating the risks to health that workers in China are exposed to. These workers are building some of the guitars you see every day in music shops around the World.

Doug has a workshop in the UK which you can visit via appointment. If you want an electric guitar please do check out the wonderful Gordon Smith guitars.

His workshop in China is literally as clean, well managed and SAFE as his UK workshop. I have been overwhelmed by Dougs unique and very personal approach to his staff and ethos towards life.

OK - so what about the guitar?!!!!!!!!


All this talk is only of any value to you if the actual product is worth looking at right? Well Auden have blown me away and 2018 hopefully will be the year where I get them on my map of recommendations and into the hands of players like yourself.

I have taken as many pictures as possible to show the detail that has gone into this guitar.

The Chester is a cross breed with a lower bout a little more like a dreadnought and the upper bought more like an OM - the result is an attractive design with wide range of tones capable of full bodied strumming whist also handling fingerstyle too.

Electronics are supplied by Shertler. A simple volume control so you can plug in discretely.

A gig bag is included too at this price.


AAA Cedar Top

Solid Mahogany Back & Sides

45mm nut

Clark Electronics (staggering!)

Thick Quality Gig Bag

If you are looking for a wonderful character electro acoustic that looks beautiful, sounds wonderful and represents something deeper than "just" a selfish transaction this is the guitar to buy. You will be supporting the rights of workers in China - helping a wonderful cancer charity here in the UK and receiving an incredible - benchmark leading guitar setup to perfection in our workshop.

We provide the most comprehensive pre and post sale service in the industry with a combined value of over 100 GBP

Demonstrated by over1000 verified customer reviews HERE

This service consists of:

*  Completely taylored / personalised setup service ensuring your guitar plays to your personal playing requirements.

*  Unique level of quality control ensuring you cannot receive a poor quality / standard of guitar fit & finish.

*  6 & 12 month check & reset if you wish to take advantage and live close enough to visit.

Please be assured that this service is like no other with over 1 hour spent on every guitar before sale

For further extensive details on this service please click HERE

Auden guitars are a unique English brand.  

100% hand made and I am hoping soon to bring you a video showing you the workshop where the guitars are initially crafted.

These first stages are carried out in Dougs workshop in China - this keeps the cost of production as affordable as possible.  All the wood is personally selected by Doug (owner of Auden & Gordon Smith Guitars in the UK).

Once the bodies and necks are complete they are shipped to the Auden workshop in the UK where the hardware is fitted, the nut and bridge are cut, final setup and all the electronics are fitted.

This wonderful collaboration between Dougs workshops provides you a genuine English branded hand made guitar. 

The results are simply outstanding.

In the past 12 months Richard & his customers have been so overwelmed by the quality of these guitars that Richard has had a range commissioned for him called the "45 Series".  Same guitars but with 45mm nut - recognised by a lovely 45mm logo design on the headstock.  

Click on the Youtube logo to see some of Richards videos that will help you see and hear exactly what Richard loves about these beautiful guitars.

Auden Videos On Youtube

Auden Guitars


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