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BeatBuddy - THE ESSENTIAL Companion For Guitarists

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Price includes Over £100 of added value: (Meticulous quality control & professional setup (worth over £55), 6 & 12 month check/reset, pre-dispatch play test by Richard.) CLICK FOR COMPREHENSIVE OVERVIEW

OK how do I put this into words...

I started playing at the age of 8

I went to the Guitar Institute at 19

Was teaching at 21


Why?  Because I never had a beat buddy!! 

Let me try and explain why...

If you have played in a band you will understand the VITAL requirement of playing in time.  You just cannot play in a band if you cannot keep your timing.  In years gone by the home players only real way to keep your timing would be to invest either in backing tracks or buy a drum machine.

Have you ever tried programming a drum machine?

If like me you are a bit of a technophobe and just want to focus your attention on your playing and not the technicalities of the drum machine this unit was made for you.  It could not be simpler to find the style you want, the tempo and away you go.

However the sounds you get are NOT digital sounds, they are lliterally like a drummer is sitting in the room with you.  The drum sounds completely help focus your playing style to suit not only the timing but the style of drum patterns that are being played.

I could write an ESSAY not only on the value of this product as an essential accompaniment to every guitar player but also on the FUN it brings your learning/practice.  

Get one of these and you will NEVER practice without it - trust me.

Please watch the video - it pretty much sums up just how awesome and fun this product is and of course you can try it out in store if you are visiting.

If you buy your guitar and BeatBuddy together I also provide you the additional footswitch TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE which normally retails at £40

Read more about this essential guitarists companion - I have some fantastic videos that demonstrate it in use perfectly ... )

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