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Cort GA10FNS Inc. £100 Professional Setup & Added Value

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Price includes Over £100 of added value: (Meticulous quality control & professional setup (worth over £55), 6 & 12 month check/reset, pre-dispatch play test by Richard.) CLICK FOR COMPREHENSIVE OVERVIEW

The Cort GA10FNS is a stunning new electro acoustic guitar from the GA series.  This is the flagship model form the "GA" range with the 2 main stand out features being the solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides - combined with the fantastic Fishman "INK Body" pickup system which is truly stunning.

There is no question that this guitar sets a new benchmark in terms of providing the "complete" electro acoustic guitar.  What I mean by "complete" is the full combination/package of style, build quality, fit and finish and top specification hardware.

The nearest thing to this guitar is the very popular Faith FKV .  Well not popular but award winning for the past couple of years and up to now my top personal recommendation...

...which no doubt is a benchmark in its own right (testimonials are available on the product page) but that is a very stripped back finish and the pickup quality doesn't come near the Cort.  If you want a stripped back vibe and the electronics are not quite so important then the Faith is still the first choice but if you do want that more complete package the Cort I feel is second to none.

Now lets look at one of the brands I used to sell (before they stopped being made by Cort!) and still one of the most popular guitar brands on the market producing at this price....  

Tanglewood TW145 SS CE

Now check out the specification of the Tanglewood.  Very cheap pickup system - even Tanglewoods more expensive models still only have the most basic INK pickup system (Note - They use Fishman on their more expensive models) compared to the Corts Fishman INK "Body" which is the top end model.

The Tanglewood at this price point only has a solid top - no solid mahogany on the back - The cort features full solid mahogany back.

Tanglewood in fact used Cort production for over a decade and whilst they did I was their largest dealer in the UK!  - Tanglewood continue to be one of the UKs most popular brands but they are no longer made by Cort - their prices are 30% higher for the same guitar than you used to pay and the quality of what you get is nothing like the Cort at the same price point.

Please do check out the video in the image tabs to see why Cort is the largest producer of guitars in the World with the highest levels of technology and skilled work force in the Far East.

If you have under £500 and are looking for a superb all rounder electro acoustic you cannot go too far wrong with this beautiful guitar.




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