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Cort JADE2PBM Inc. £100 Professional Setup & Added Value

International Guitar Sales

Price includes Over £100 of added value: (Meticulous quality control & professional setup (worth over £55), 6 & 12 month check/reset, pre-dispatch play test by Richard.) CLICK FOR COMPREHENSIVE OVERVIEW

Welcome to my daughter Nias new guitar!

OK - so I cannot lie she LOVES the colour and the fact that you can stick pretty stickers on it to taylor the design to make it "her own" but the reason I WANT her to have it is for MY personal reasons...

The guitar features a solid spruce top and sounds stunnning for the money.

Quality as always with Cort is of the highest order so we can get the best out of it in setup - to ensure she is inspired when playing it.

The guitar comes in funky two tone Chocolate/Caramel gig bag

The body of the guitar is smaller than your normal folk guitar and slightly shallower making it so easy for her (she is 8) to get around despite the fact the guitar is full size.

The scale length is shorter so again easier for her to play - but still "full size".

OK so there you go - you need a perfect guitar for an 8 year old daugher - this is the one!

In fact - Forget your daughter - this guitar is awesome and I LOVE the blue and I am a 40 year old man (all be it with a slightly feminine taste in colours).

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