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Richards' Guitar Maintenance Pack

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Price includes Over £100 of added value: (Meticulous quality control & professional setup (worth over £55), 6 & 12 month check/reset, pre-dispatch play test by Richard.) CLICK FOR COMPREHENSIVE OVERVIEW

If you want to keep your guitar looking, feeling and playing like it will when it arrives at your door then the good news is you can!

We have done the hard work of course in preparing the guitar through our workshop and setup process and have put together this list of items that most likely we have already used on your guitar.

Every day I am asked the same question after receiving their guitar  "How do I keep it like this?" 

Here is your answer - As used by our workshop...

Professional Deep Shine Spray 

We use this in our workshop every day to bring guitars up to a perfect flawless shine.

Micro-Fiber Polish Cloth

Not any old cloth but a cloth that will no leave fluff and dust on your guitar body and essentially wont carry grit and grime that can scratch your guitar whilst polishing.

Recommended String Cleaning Device

Your fingers will rapidly leave dirt and grime on your strings which leads to a terrible feel when playing, poor tone, rapid degradation of strings, tuning issues and more - You need to keep your strings CLEAN and this will do the job for you.

Lubrication/Friction Remover

One of the aspects of the setup is to cut the nut to ensure strings glide as freely as possible to help maintain tuning stability.  Lubrikit is a brilliant tool we use to ensure any string contact remains friction free over saddles, bridge and nut.  Believe it or not this drastically improves tuning stability, improves string longevity and even sustain of your guitar.

Pro Winder / Cutter

If you are ever going to change your own strings - you cannot live without this!  Its brilliant!  It contains a winding device that will save your wrist from repetitive strain injury (I kid you not!), a bridge pin remover for acoustic guitars and a cutter to remove the string ends. 

Fret Polishing System 

Within minutes you can remove all the dirt, grime and corrosion from your frets that kills the tone and feel of your instrument. The Fret polishing system is one of the easiest ways to improve your instruments performance, tone, and appearance.

Replacement Strings

One set of strings matching the set we fitted to your guitar during setup.  You should always have a spare set to hand for when strings inevitably break.  We suggest you keep the packet to remind you of what strings you will need when this set are used up too! 

Please note that we do not ship this discounted accessory pack unless you have also bought a guitar.  Please do not order it unless you have done so.  The discount is only available to our guitar buying customers - thank you!  

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