"Tone Control" Specialist Tone Crafting / Pedal Advice

"Tone Control" Specialist Tone Crafting / Pedal Advice

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This isn't a service we charge for but one we provide free under the following circumstances...

You own 3 or more LEGEND pedals

You purchase a 250 pound in store voucher (we provide the tone control advice when you visit)

"Tone Control" appointments can either be in store or consist of a chat over the phone - whatever suits your circumstances.

If visiting the store you can chat with Jon (a dedicated pedal specialist with years of tone crafting experience) who can help you understand some finer details about how to layer your pedals to achieve the tone you really are seeking - rather than the one you have ended up with because of uncertainty in where to use the pedals.

Having Jon around is a blessing for me personally. As a guitarist off and on of 40 years I was embarrassed by my lack of knowledge in this area and was blown away by what I learned and experienced in a 10 minute chat with him. This demonstrates there is nothing to be ashamed of in not knowing how to master your sound!!

Just ASK! Jon is a lovely guy and can be your resident pedal guru as you expand your pedal board.