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Vintage* V6LB Electric Guitar

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James F.
My first comment must be

My first comment must be to say that the service from Richards Guitars was excellent. I would recommend the company to anyone wishing to buy an instrument. My guitar came well within the estimated time frame and the packaging for the guitar was very good and secure. I only had to slightly retune one of the strings and the guitar played very well from the moment it was plugged in to the amplifier. I am delighted with it and it is played every day.
Also, the pre sale checks and setup was really the icing on the cake, having the confidence that the instrument is as good as can be is very helpful. No issues or worries about having to return a faulty instrument and waiting for repairs or replacement. I must also speak about the notification service which informed me when the guitar was in stock and available is a wonderful addition to the service provided. Ten out of ten Richard, a wonderful service.
James Fitzsimmons

Stephen C.
The guitar arrived in good

The guitar arrived in good condition, reasonably well set up with no sharp frets and a decent string height. A very good guitar for the money and comparable to a mex strat which you will still have to set up. Only down side is having to wait a while but worth it in the long run

Howard B.
Good guitar for the price.

Sound: excellent. Unplugged, this guitar rings nicely. The body is solid alder, and the neck maple, although the rosewood fingerboard appears to be a made from many pieces glued together in a wavy, faux-grain pattern. if Gibson did this, they'd give it an exotic name and charge more. Plugged in, the pickups give a good sound, with the correct out-of-phase sound. As the bridge pickup also has a tone control (like the new Fender 'Player' stratocasters), this allows its brightness to be tamed. The control cavities are shielded with conductive paint, so hum is negligible. I usually shield cavities with aluminium foil, but I don't think it'll be needed this time.

Playability: very good, with a low action achievable. I'll probably dress the frets to get the action super-low, but as it stands it's ok. The tremolo is very smooth, with good return-to-pitch. The tuners work smoothly and stay in tune, with the staggered heights helping the break angle over the nut and making a second string tree (for the G string) unnecessary.

Finish: no complaints here. The paint and lacquer are even.

Build quality: this is not as good as more expensive guitars, but acceptable at the price point. For instance, some scratchplate screws were slightly askew, benefitting from a piece of matchstick and repositioning. On my guitar,the bridge plate was slightly out of square too, but the saddles were adjusted to compensate, and the intonation was fine. As it is, I've plugged the six screw holes and re-drilled them to square the bridge up, to make it look right.

Component quality: the controls are smooth with no crackles, but I would presume everything's been made as cheaply as possible (e.g. the string tree seems to be thinner metal than on other guitars), so these may need to be upgraded at some stage.

The main characteristics are the sound and playability. As long as these are good, anything else can be sorted if necessary. This Vintage guitar sounds and plays well, and for the price, I'd say it's unbeatable value, and is certainly good enough to use as a gigging instrument. If you like working on guitars, then a few hours spent on minor adjustments will make it even better.

Tony W.
vintage V6

Bought this from richard, after 2 other guitars were sent back to his supplier for bad quality control at the factory/suppliers.
the one i have now is great,just changed the strings to preference diadarios,and polished frets to glass shine.all good.took a while,2 months, but,good to his word,he wouldnt let me have a guitar which didnt meet his criterior .hats off to you and your staff.happy customer.

Vintage* V6LB Electric Guitar, Electric Guitar for sale at Richards Guitars.
Vintage* V6LB Electric Guitar Sale price£ 322.00 Regular price£ 429.00

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