July 06, 2016

Eastmans Vintage T59/v - Stunningly Aged Hand Made "335 Style" Guitar

This is the first insight of the very latest developments with Eastman guitars.  

The T59 is a VINTAGE version of the T486 model.  The pictures shown are of the first prototype but I will be receiving my first production model next month!

Unbelievably the price will be just £1399 (may be higher with the pound currently plummeting against the Euro but will keep you posted) and I just cannot wait to get my hands on it.

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July 04, 2016

Further Shop Refurbishment 4th July to 6th July

One of my ideas is to "remove corners"!!  I HATE CORNERS!!!!  When you get one guitar facing one direction and another right next to it facing the other way - and both of them are pretty much out of reach stuck in the corner..... you end up with guitars that look unattractive and not easy to access - it looks damned ugly.  So the answer is turn a negative into a positive.  By putting a joining angle at 45 degrees between the 2 walls you end up with a lovely area where you can showcase 2 guitars, rather than having 4 all looking a mess and most importantly - no corners!!! Cannot wait to see it in action.

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June 08, 2016

Continuing my dream to be the best I can be.... online update

I am often frustrated by wanting to give the very best experience possible online when my technology skills are clearly self limiting in what I can do personally.

I have teamed up with a wonderful tech who is now helping me realize my full potential in terms of helping assist my customers online.

A key starting point in this area is intelligent, practical navigation that will help me to help you when short listing guitars relevant to your needs.

Navigation systems are all well and good but they are always so "generic" and what I have planned will provide navigation specific to a brand or category of product that will help me - help you.  It will be more liking have a personal assistant than a clunky menu (that is my hope)

It won't make much sense now and I do not want to say too much until there is something to show you but rest assured there are some nice developments being worked on for improving site interactivity.

It will roll out brand by brand.

January 27, 2016

Shop Refurbishment: Wed 27th Jan - Wed 3rd Feb

" In life you may have to take 1 step back to go 2 steps forward and this refurbishment is pretty much putting normal showroom life out of commission for the next 7 days.

Sorry for the inconvenience but the results should be amazing! "

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January 18, 2016

Quality Ukulules & Mandolins In Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire!

Thats right!  

Why did it take me so long to realise I should be helping Ukulele and mandolin players?  Obviously I specialize and am so entrenched in my world of guitars that I just never really thought about it!

The more I have looked into these areas the more I realise they have the exact same problem as in the Guitar World.  Getting a "good" one goes well beyond just reliance on the brand name and they always require setting up properly too.... that's where I come in!

Now I have a great head start in the world of quality ukuleles and mandolins because I already supply one of the leading manufacturers in the top end electro side - Godin. 

The Godin A8 and Godin Multiuke are class acts and Seagull have just lauched their new Seagul S8 mandolin which is also beautiful.

Auden have an all solid wood mandolin due in soon and guess what!  The nice people who supply me Furch guitars are also the UK distributor for Kala - possibly the most trusted name in quality Ukulele market.

So I think thats me all set and raring to go - into the World of Ukuleles I go!  

Here are just a couple of images to get your mouth watering...

Godin A8 Mandolin

Godin Multiuke Ukulele

Kala All Solid Wood Koa Ukulele


January 18, 2016

My Second Visit To The Gordon Smith (Auden) Workshop

This is just a quick update to let you know that I spent Friday with Doug at Gordon Smith guitars catching up and seeing how progress was being made on my guitar range and the hub concept.

Its always fascinating stepping into their workshop - the hairs always go up on my arm just being around such a positive and creative bunch of people.  

The hub is still a month or so away I think - things never move as fast as you would like but it has to be organic and things will materialize in the right time.  In terms of neck options we have decided that it makes more sense to offer neck depths which are measurable rather than offering "c - d - v" shapes.  Offering different thicknesses and widths is much more "accountable" so people will know exactly what they are getting.

I saw several of my guitars in the build process which was fun to see as well as the pickup winder in full flow.  I took a video which I will try and upload as soon as I can.  Its so quirky and cool!

I was so pleased and excited to see a Gordon Smith Gemini.  It was jaw droppingly beautiful.  So I made a mental note to get one of these ordered asap.

A few months ago on my last visit my eyes and ears were impressed by their acoustic guitars - Auden guitars.   The back story is they are hand made in a small workshop in China which Doug has built a great working relationship with.  The bodies are made in the workshop and then sent to Dougs workshop to be assembled with the highest quality components.  The result is highly impressive.  Doug was kind enough to send 3 over to me to test out but 2 of the 3 were sold to customers who fell in love with them in store before I could even try them myself!  That really is the ultimate accolade.  On this visit I had some time to acquaint myself with them and reckon my customers can't be wrong!  If 2 guitars sold to customers who even had access to Furch at the same time?!?!  So I just had to get this moving..... expect to see this developing in store and online over the coming weeks - really exciting.

Mark at work in the spray booth.  His work is first class as I have witnessed on all the GS guitars I have tried since the Auden take over.

Mark spraying guitars in the Gordon Smith workshop


Was really exciting to see some of my guitars drying out ready for the next stage before ending up in my hands!
Drying Room at Gordon Smith
Necks cut with fret markers installed - ready for the next stage toward final assembly
Some necks completed ready for asembly to the bodies hanging in the drying room...
November 10, 2015

Todays Visit To The Gordon Smith Guitars Workshop

" The word "excited" does not come close to the feeling I have right this second.  What I have witnessed today, combined with the plans I am developing with Doug I believe are going to radically change the way British guitar buyers consider buying their electric guitars in the future.  Hand on heart, that is how relevant I think this moment is "

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