Maybach Guitars

 I no longer supply Maybach guitars due to:

* Being asked to remove website which was created with their approval and support initially.

* Uncertainty over whether customers with orders placed will see a guitar.  Lesters have been removed from the Maybach site at time of writing.

If you are looking for a genuine hand made alternative to Gibson Les Pauls I have some extremely exciting (and confidential) news in this area so please join my mailing list for updates on this for when it  becomes publicly available.

Remember also to support UK guitar building with the wonderful Gordon Smith guitars who offer a range of Les Paul, Strat and Telecaster models at ridiculous prices  - and incredible quality.

Advice on buying a Maybach

I forwarded all my customers to Maybach who were able to find guitars that were physically in stock.  They may be able to do the same for you.

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