R Guitar Custom #2

Price includes Over £100 of added value: (Meticulous quality control & professional setup (worth over £55), 6 & 12 month check/reset, pre-dispatch play test by Richard.) CLICK FOR COMPREHENSIVE OVERVIEW

Keeping with my love of semi style guitars I have had this one made.  Remember - the current hardware showing is all upgradeable and

If nobody claims this before its fully refitted I intend to update it fit with :

CTS tone control pots

Switchcraft 3 way switch

Switchcraft volume controls with tapered volume (so you get that lovely gradual volume increase rather than all on to all off like so many cheaper volume controls)

Switchcraft push/push coil tapping (so much better than push pull but its more expensive so you rarely see it in production guitars)

Armstrong hand wound pickups.  On this one I am planning on chatting with Aaron about the pickups Robben Ford had in his Fender Flame - I will be looking for a similar voicing as possible.  However if someone gets in first they can have what they want of course.

Twin gold pickup covers with Lazer Engraved R logo

Of course the frets are dressed and the guitar is perfectly set up in our workshop.

The net result will be one hell of a pro blues/rock/jazz guitar - and of course totally unique.

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