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Article: Guide To Buying a Furch Guitar. Make Sure You Read This First!

Guide To Buying a Furch Guitar.  Make Sure You Read This First!
Furch Guitars

Guide To Buying a Furch Guitar. Make Sure You Read This First!

I have been telling the World about Furch guitars for over 2 DECADES now.  I was the first guitar shop to raise awareness of them back when literally nobody knew about them in the UK.

There isn't a dealer who knows them better or who can do more to support you through your decision-making and during your ownership of the guitar long term.

Every Furch guitar is setup in our workshop to your personalised requirements. Of course, Furch guitars play beautifully as a rule - but what is "beautifully"?  Gauge of string and action of the guitar are very personal and we are here to make sure the guitar feels like your guitar when it arrives - we then offer 6 and 12 month check and reset all included in the price.

See the guitar in the picture above?  That is a Furch Yellow Gc CR.  Arguably the most popular Furch guitar in the range.  The inlays are made especially for me - not available anywhere else in the World unless you opt for the custom shop option.  The story behind this is when The original design - the Furch G23CR was expired and replaced by the Yellow Gc CR I INSISTED (BEGGED!!) for the original inlays to be transferred as I just felt I was so personally connected to the guitar in its original form. Due to my long term support and very special relationship with Furch they agreed and to this day I offer the Yellow series in the original 23 seris inlays or the new "polo mint" design (my name for them :) )  I am so proud and grateful that I am able to provide my customers this unique offering.

As you can imagine - due to my love and dedication for Furch guitars we have remained the largest UK dealer and one of the top dealers in Europe for over 2 decades.  This is a double edge sword for the reasons I will now explain...

Furch Guitars Production Times

These days Furch have a capacity of production which is far out stripped by demand.  Whilst this is a nice position for them, it makes life somewhat difficult for someone like myself who specializes in them - trying to balance the needs of customers that want to learn about them - get their hands on one - and then of course to buy one - especially when thankfully people keep buying them!

Due to Furch's production capacity, each dealer is provided a  "quota" which is set at the beginning of the year.  A month on month guaranteed number of slots allocated to the dealer for them to order what they desire.

Anything ordered today will arrive with us in approximately 12-16 weeks time - but of course we always have guitars arriving in that were made 16 weeks ago too :) - Hence its so important to check in with me on availability as generally something is always "around the corner".

Working The System

Whilst of course customers are welcome to - and do - pop in and try Furch guitars based on whatever we have in stock on the day,  my personal recommendation would be to think to yourself - do I want a guitar TODAY or do I want the very best guitar for my needs?  The two scenarios MAY be possible but not always and I try and get my customers to look at the buying experience as a pleasurable one that shouldn't be rushed.  We want you to have fond memories of the buying experience as much as you wanting to love the guitar you buy.  This is what I love most about supplying hand made and lower production level guitars - that make mass-produced highly marketed brands seem so ordinary by comparison.

By focusing on your needs - rather than what's available on the day - we can comfortably arrange for the right selection of guitars to be on hand for you on the day which may well be a couple of Furch guitars and whatever benchmarks we recommend by similar brands (Dowina Guitars for example - Hand made in Slovakia and no other shop in the country can offer you Dowina models to compare alongside Furch - then of course we have World Class Audens & top end Eastman guitars - all personally recommended based on 27 years research.

Can't Make It To Our Showroom?  NO PROBLEM!

So I will just bring the showroom experience to YOU!  Your patience will be rewarded with a video overview of the 2 or 3 guitars of your choice side by side - highlighting whatever pros and cons there may be relative to your interest and playing style etc.  Once you have watched the video you will have a good idea of which one suits you the best.

We have up to and around 100 Furch guitars in production at any one time

I can help you find the perfect Furch guitar and make sure it is setup to your personal requirements and it may well be in stock and worst case scenario any personal recommendation should be no more than 4-8 weeks away due to our monthly production quota.

FREE Hand Made Leather Walsall Strap For Longer Waiting Times

Any guitar not currently on my schedule could be a 12-16 week wait - so we compliment these orders with a FREE Hand Made Leather Walsall Guitar Strap - made using traditional tooling methods and retail at £120.  A strap for life and free with your Furch - as a thank you for your patience. This strap is sent to you at the beginning of your order - not with the guitar - so you can take full advantage of the strap and enjoy / appreciate it - whilst you wait for your guitar!

The Bottom Line

I will be honest - the last thing in the World I want you to do is scour the internet, find the guitar you think you want in stock and hit the buy now button from some random dealer.  It breaks my heart!  This may mean buying from a dealer whose passion and knowledge of the product is not in line with mine, who I know cannot possibly provide you the same level of service.  If you work with us - I will treat you like a King - no order is ever taken for granted and is appreciated more than you can imagine and I am not too proud to say - you are helping support me in my goal to provide such beautiful guitars - in a World so dominated by mass production and slick marketing.

For Furch Guitars advice please click on the live chat button which is open most hours or call 01789 263333 during office hours.

We look forward to helping you further!

Furch Red Deluxe Gc SR






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