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Hand Made Guitars

Having a guitar hand made especially for you is a wonderful event that we want all our customers to experience.   A custom shop hand made guitar isn't just a guitar - its YOUR guitar and can enable you to express your personality or story in a way that a production guitar cannot possibly do.

You will be amazed - In fact completely blown away - by just how affordable a World Class hand made acoustic guitar or electric guitar can be - which has been made for you - which you can treasure for a lifetime.

The guitar builders shown below are all so incredibly special, and I believe every guitar player should at least know they exist, as it would be such a shame for you not to.

 In each case we have the strongest relationship possible with the builder, ensuring you get the very best experience working with them - We never keep you at arms length from the builders - in fact we encourage communication whenever necessary and/or possible.

To discuss having a guitar made for you, please call us on 01789 263333 or click on the live chat!  

Be prepared for a wonderful, unique and highly memorable experience.


 Dowina Hand Made GuitarsValenti Hand Made Guitars