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Payment Policy

Our service is unique in as much that the guitars we supply are often hand made by the likes of Auden, Furch, Dowina, Gordon Smith, Valenti and Eastman.

We are the UKs biggest dealer of all our main lines - and this is down to our 28-year reputation for excellence in service and our customer-centric approach to business.

Making Payment

When you place your order, your payment method will be "authorized" but ou will not see the payment collected immediately.  We only charge you once we have made physical checks our side.

Please expect payments to be made that follow the following "guidelines" - We provide this information to give our customers total security, transparency and opportunity to discuss any personal requirements one to one - so please do that if you have any issues at all.

  • A product that is available, IE made and reserved for us or in our store rooms, we charge in full following confirmation of availability - with nothing to pay on dispatch
  • When a guitar requires building, we take 50% deposit and 50% on dispatch, but only once you have confirmed you are happy with the build time provided.   We do this in line with the builders with whom we work who follow the same payment protocol enabling us to pay them - for you :)
  • When we have confirmed an estimated time of arrival of a guitar that is currently out of stock, and you are happy to wait - we take a 50% deposit with the balance to pay on dispatch.

Wherever possible, we provide accurate information on availability within the website search function (which you can toggle between in stock and out of stock items) so you can get a good sense of what is available and what we need to order in.

If you would like to order a guitar and you don't currently have the funds in your account  - but you want to get the ball rolling - then that's fine too - we always want to help!  Click on the chat button or call 01789 263333 and let us know your circumstances and we can work a solution for you too. 

Cancelled Order Refunds

Any product that is ordered that is in stock and cancelled prior to dispatch will be refunded in full.

A deposit placed on a guitar that is being made / reserved for you is "non-refundable", so please do only order a guitar that you know you will be able to commit to. 

Exceptions where a deposit will be returned:

  • When an estimated delivery date is double of its original quoted time we would be the first to recognize the sad situation and compensate you accordingly.  We do not provide refunds to customers who suggest that a guitar builder who has provided a build time has "let them down" when a build time is exceeded by a couple of weeks of estimates provided in good faith.
  • We are a family business with family values which we never lose sight of.   If you are concerned about your current ability to pay for a guitar being made or one that has been reserved for a lengthy period - please just talk to us as soon as possible.  You could not be in safer or more understanding hands.