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UK Guitar Shop Specialisting In Acoustic Guitar and electric guitars

Safest Hands

Thousands of reviews from various sources demonstrate we are second to none when it comes to providing the very best customer experience pre-sale and in the long term with our ongoing support for each customer.

UK Guitar Shop specialising in acoustic and electric guitars

Unique Approach

On every level - our approach is unique. Whether it be the how we select the guitars to recommend to our customers, the professional setup that every instrument receives pre sale, the 6 and 12 month check and reset or the host of "Earth Friendly" consequences that are enabled because of your purchase.

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Europes #1 Specialist

Due to the highly personalized way Richard selects his recommendations based on 29 years in the industry and his desire to "sell" based on providing information, advice, education and most importantly marrying these elements with the needs of the player - we have become the largest dealer for all our key recommendations not just in the UK but Europe