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Guitars of quality and distinction based on 24 years research.

Dowina Pure

Mindfully Acoustic

The coolest hand made all solid wood dreadnought that reminds us all to be mindful

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Dowina Sol GAC Left Handed

Hand Made - All Solid Woods - Truly Bespoke - From 699

Dowina Guitars

We are so proud to bring you these incredible hand made guitars from this wonderful Slovakian workshop. Wonderful guitars made by a very special man, his daughter and small team

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25 years of specialism

Every Guitar A Recommendation

Year after year for over 2 DECADES Richard has been honing his recommendations to ensure you can only buy the best - setup in our workshop to PERFECTION

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Or Chat With Richard Most Hours

Richard is available most hours, most days of the week.  With 24 years experience and a sincere desire to match you up with the right guitar - you could not be in safer hands.

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Incredible quality, metal cased pedals - more compact than any other available in the UK!

From just £39!!!

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Gordon Smith GS Deluxe Burled Walnut P90 Custom Left Handed #20345 Gordon Smith GS Deluxe Burled Walnut P90 Custom #20324 Copy of Gordon Smith GS2 Heritage Thick Body Full Mahogany (DAMAGED) Gordon Smith GS No-Cut Natural Mahogany Maple Neck Gordon Smith Classic S HSS Tobacco Burst Swamp Ash Custom AAAAA Honey Roast Maple Neck & Board SN: 20452

Specialist of 25 years dedicated to

Gordon Smith Guitars

If you have been on the search for a Strat, Tele, SG or Les Paul - please do consider a HAND MADE UK Custom Shop option by Gordon Smith as you will be AMAZED at how affordable they are - and you can support British Business at the same time.

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Eastman T486 Classic Eastman T59V-RD Antique Red Eastman T386 Classic Eastman T486 Red Eastman T59V

Hand Made- Archtops - Solid Electrics - Acoustics

Eastman Guitars

Possibly the most exciting guitar brand out there - showing the likes of Gibson how good hand built guitars truly can be - and they dont have to cost the Earth. An inspirational range of acoustics, electros, solid bodies & archtop guitars.

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Tailored Private Appointments

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Furch Yellow Gc-CR Acoustic Guitar Including UK Exclusive Inlays & Over £100 Of Added Value FREE Furch Blue Gc CM (Fomerly) G CMC (Grand Auditorium / Cedar / Mahogany / Cutaway) Acoustic Guitar Furch Blue OM CM (OM Body / Cedar / Mahogany) Acoustic Guitar Furch LJ10CM "Little Jane" - Deluxe Travel Acoustic Guitar Furch GN4CR

Hand Made - All Solid Woods - European Workshop

Furch Guitars

From 899 Furch provide breathtaking acoustic guitars providing some of my most popular long standing personal recommendations over the past 15 years

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Don't Be Duped By Marketing

FGN BIL2-M 3TS FGN J Standard Iliad JIL2ASHM OWB FGN J Standard Odyssey JOS2CLG CAR FGN Expert Flame EFL-FM-R VVQ FGN Expert Rise ERS-FM-R BBTQ

The King of "MADE IN JAPAN" Brands

FGN (Fujigen)

Fujigen is steeped in guitar building history and to this day builds the most extraordinary high quality guitars money can buy.

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Auden Neo Emily Rose 12 Fret Parlor Electro Acoustic Guitar Auden Artist 45 Series Chester Cutaway Cedar / Rosewood Auden Artist 45 Series Chester Full Body Cedar/Rosewood Auden Neo 45 Bowman Electro Acoustic Guitar Auden Artist 45 Series Chester Cutaway Spruce / AAAAA Maple

Hand Made Acoustics - All Solid Woods - 45 Series Exclusive To Richards Guitars

Auden Neo & Artist 45 Series

By working one to one with the Auden workshop, I requested a selection of my favorite models and had them made with 45mm nut. Each one denoted by the gorgeous 45 headstock logo

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A Professionally Setup Guitar Every Time

Have this work done privately & It will cost you around 60 GBP - For you its FREE