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Delivery Information

Delivery Costs & Inclusions

We welcome players from all over the World to consult with Richard directly via live help, allowing Richard to help you find the right guitar and ensure it is set up to your personal playing specification.

Included in our delivery you receive...

fanatical quality control

personalised setup service by our highly experienced guitar tech who has worked with Richard for over 15 years

Richard play tests your guitar pre delivery to ensure it meets the specification

6 and 12 month check/reset

Online support most hours via chat (provided by Richard who has specialised in guitar consultancy for 21 years)

Click here for more details

 To ensure anyone can benefit from this highly personalized service we subsidize the delivery costs from our pocket - not yours, resulting in the following delivery charges*

Any delivery to Western Europe £15.00.

Eastern Europe £25.00

America £50.00

Australia £75.00

Every guitar is packed personally by Richard.  We purchase especially strengthened outer cartons and pack each guitar in a way that guarantees the guitar will come out the box as it went in - perfect.

If you bought your guitar from an alternate source it would cost you at least £50.00 to have it play to the standard that we set our guitars AS standard.

Why would you want to buy from a faceless online store if you can buy from someone who values every customer and their personal needs?

I do hope we can help you further as we provide the service you wish you could find locally!

Buying from Richard is like no other shop.  He doesn't sell - its more like chatting to your best mate - who also happens to know a lot about guitars!

by James

Your Purchases are Making A Real Difference

Beyond natures constructs - what you experience every day is the result of someone's thought. Actions follow thoughts and every action has an impact - for better or for worse.

Thinking of buying a guitar?

If you buy from us - the impact will be a guitar received setup to perfection, personally recommended based on 29 years industry history & research - you wil avoid buying a guitar you regret - you'll help remove.a plastic bottle from the ocean, £1 will go to butterfly conservation, you'll receive a tree to plant & you will be contributing to the £100 a month we forward to MIND mental health.

As I say, thoughts lead to actions which will have impact - for better or for worse :)

Ocean Bound Plastics

Butterfly Conservation

Mental Health

RE Forestation

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A great WaY to Stay Connected

Subscribing to our Instagram will bring you the pics & reels I create but checking them out here will give you so much more context with additional detail available on the product pages - and of course you can click on chat and discuss anything you see appearing, and i'll be happy to give you the back story behind the recommendaton.

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