Additional Phone Line To Further Develop Customer Service

 (01789) 53 22 21

That's the new number to call if you have an urgent issue or want to track me down!

This new number is a digital line using voip technology.  Now don't ask me the technical stuff but I can tell you what the benefits are!

* Every incoming call is logged on my PC so I know who has rung me when and whether they got the call answered

* If you leave a message I can click on a link and listen to your message from any PC - anywhere in the World if needs be!

* If I am busy in store and cannot get to the call, you can leave a message - as you can if I am engaged talking to another customer on the phone and of course out of hours your message will be sent directly to me - so I can STILL deal with your enquiry from home, even though I have not returned to the showroom.


Why didn't I have a message system before?

Over 18 years I have come to realise that its great having an answerphone but if you arrive to work in the morning to 6 messages of various lengths - and you have to listen to each one in turn to get to the next - you NEVER get through them!! This causes huge frustration with the customer hence me having this "you either talk to me in person (live help, email, phone, in showroom) or you don't at all!

So, this new digital line should prove a great help!

You can of course continue to call me on 01789 26 33 33 and I am just as likely to answer it as I am the other line - its just that the other line gives you more options to leave a message and be "traceable" if you decide you want to be contacted back.

Hope that helps!

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