Right Hand Man Required! Do you have what it takes?

After 5 years I have finally succumbed to the fact that I need help.  No not that help!  We all know about that!  No, I need assistance in order for me to maintain my fanatical levels of care and customer service.

Attributes I am looking for:


Well spoken with good communication skills




A strong sense of personal responsibility

IT "literate"


Hours of work will be roughly mirroring my in store activity so my opening hours can be used as a guide.


Job Overview


This person will be allowing me "space" to focus as much as possible on my consultancy role within the business, my focus on education through my website & community at guitars.co.uk - such as:

Taking calls and passing on genuine inquiries to myself.

Providing backup telephone support when I am on a call and ensuring the customers are called back by myself.

Overseeing a range of activities ensuring promises are kept that have been made - that deadlines are met.

Communicating with suppliers to ensure products are ordered, returns are arranged and that collections are completed

Booking deliveries & assisting with packing

Most importantly this person must sense the responsibility they have in making every day a "success"

This person will be integral to the daily running of the business and will have a desire to take it to "the next level" (jargon)


You may notice that I am NOT looking for a person specifically with guitar experience.  In fact NO experience is 100% fine if they tick all the boxes above.


Please email me a CV and a personally worded email to richard@richardsguitars.co.uk if you are interested.


Thank you.

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