Auden Guitars. Meet My New Best Friends.

Auden Guitars.  Meet My New Best Friends.

Now that I have my wonderful team in place helping me with customer service and packing I can FINALLY update you on important developments occurring on the guitar front.

Auden guitars were introduced to me by the Director of Gordon Smith guitars.  I had never heard of Auden guitars but when Doug saw how into Gordon Smith I was he confidently claimed "if you love Gordon Smith you need to see our acoustics".   I was uncomfortable about putting guitars in my shop without lengthy experience as my regulars will know I ONLY sell guitars I know are benchmarks.   Doug offered to let me get some customer feedback by leaving one or two in my store for customer approval / feedback.

Well that was 18 months ago!  The reaction from customers was nothing short of stunning and over time as I was able to play test the guitars against my current benchmarks I was able to realise just how special these guitars are.

The wonderful thing about Auden is they sit beautifully alongside current recommendations - a little cheaper than a Furch yet attention to detail and quality of tone woods used cannot be considered as a second best.  A Furch G23CRC is around £1699 (with no electrics) where the Auden Chester cutaway is just £1299 with Schertler electronics fitted.

I was SO blown away by the Auden Chester as a wonderful alternative to the Furch G23CRC that I had 45mm nut options commissioned for me personally (They are hand made and Doug could not have been more obliging in supporting my requirements).

Bottom line is that Auden guitars provide INCREDIBLE quality hand made guitars with all solid woods from £750 through to £1299.

If you are looking to step up from the quality and value of Faith guitars but don't necessarily want to stretch to £1700 you now know you have the most stunning of options in the wonderful Auden guitars range.

Some stand out models that I am just SO excited about include...

Auden Emily Rose

An exquisite 12th fret parlor guitar with 45mm nut

Auden Emily Rose Parlor Acoustic with 12th Fret Neck Join


Auden Bowman

So impresed by this beautiful OM that I commissioned it with a 45mm nut option which I firmly believe will be popular with my customers. Auden Bowman


Auden Chester

With its dreadnought width lower bout with its tighter upper bought this gives an awesome alternative to someone looking at an auditorium style guitar.  Once again I have commissioned it with 45mm nut available for Winter 2017. 

Auden Chester.  Superb alternative to the Furch G23CRC

Auden Grace

For those looking for the big full bodied tone of the jumbo (or maybe like me you just love the look of flame maple! )  the combination of spruce and maple make this Auden a classic big body jumbo.  Awesome.

Auden Grace

I thought I would also share with you a few cosmetic details common to these wonderful guitars...


Exemplary quality. I believe the bindings are ebony and maple. 


Another view of that beautiful binding.


Ebony and maple soundhole rosette and check out that maple fretboard purfling.


A better look at the fretboard purfling and quality of fretwork is second to none


Couldn't NOT show you the wonderful maple back and sides of the Auden Grace!


I do hope this little update gives you a sense of the quality and all round beauty of the Auden guitars.  For £1299 you are rewarded with a guitar of a standard so far above the normal "stereotypes" you see on the high street.  £1299 barely buys you an introductory Taylor or Martin let alone an instrument hand made with the highest possible quality tone woods and built to this impeccible standard.

I am available via live chat most hours most days so do click there for more advice or feel free to drop in and have a play test.

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