Showroom Back To Full Operation!

Showroom Back To Full Operation!

Thanks so much for your patience - Its taken me a couple of weeks but I have managed to break the back of what needed doing.

We have our Eastman Acoustic & Jazz zone up and running (SO much to tell you about these wonderful guitars!) and the showroom is looking a lot less cluttered and more galleryesque how I like it!

We now have 200 square feet of storage being used to the max which is holding all my empty cases, gig bags and general "stuff" that customers don't want to look at every day.

Next week I will start posting all my guitars for sale again - all the clearance guitars that I want shot of and any lovely second hand guitars that have been arriving lately (I have some gorgeous instruments arrived).

Then of course I have all the Eastman guitars to bring you one by one - but its nice to be back at the helm rather than doing all the boring cleaning & tidying up!

I am really sorry to anyone who has tried calling me or noticed that my live chat has been far from its normal service - I just haven't been physically around to answer.

I am back now though and here are some photos to show you how the showroom is looking...

Hope to see you soon!

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