Showroom Update 11/07/2016

Wow wow WOW!

I cannot tell you how much I love the new "Eastman Acoustic & Jazz" zone.  The colors of the walls look lush, as does the lighting and wood floor - I could not be happier!  Yehaa!

A huge Eastman delivery arrived a little earlier than anticipated so I still cannot move in the showroom but that should be a relatively short term problem now that I have my.....

200 square feet of storage!  Got the keys today!  

For anyone who has been to my showroom, you will know I have hard cases coming out of my ears - well these can now be completely removed from the building, along with all my flat packs stored on site and literally anything that is not required on a day to day basis to run the shop.

This is a massive development and will improve the entire in store experience for my customers and improve my efficiency in my daily activities.  My storage facility is only a couple of minutes away so its all working out really well.

As of this minute the showroom still looks like a bomb site but if you give me another 24/48 hours I should be able to get some pics of a rather tasty showroom to you and you can start to visit with confidence that I won't be pulling my hair out.

I have a couple of bookings for the weekend so will definitely be 100% by then - I promise!

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