Left Handed Vintage Guitars

    I have chosen not to supply Vintage guitars for the past few years despite the fact they provide stunning value at the more affordable end of the market.   My reasons for this can be be found here

    The price includes the exact same service, set up process  and follow up services that are provided to anyone buying a premium priced guitar.  This service is imperative in providing you the very best - but it is expensive for us to provide it inclusive of the price hence it is impossible to do this and provide the cheaper prices you may see via online discount sites.  What you receive from us is totally different so please think carefully when making your choice.  The setup alone is worth £55, we provide 2 return visits for checks and resets and I am available all hours for advice post sale.  It is all part of the service.  If this is for you, then we can help!

    12 Months Interest Free Credit is available on all Vintage Guitars