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Article: Are Furch Guitars Any Good?

Are Furch Guitars Any Good?
Furch Guitars

Are Furch Guitars Any Good?

As someone who has been in the "guitar retail business" for 28 years now - I would like to give you my honest opinion on the frequently asked question "Are Furch Guitars Any Good?"  (So Google tells me!).

I suppose when I see the question "Are Furch Guitars any good?" I should, I suppose be happy that they know even to ask the question?  It shows things have moved on a lot since when I first began selling Furch guitars 20 years ago when almost nobody knew of them.   However unlike most mainstream shops I LOVE finding a brand that nobody is aware of - Its the most extraordinary thing to witness someone picking up a guitar and having to question everything they THOUGHT they knew about available guitars in the market - I know because I went through the exact same experience the first time I played one!

I have written a blog about my first experiences with Furch and I believe a video exists too where I talk about the special qualities of Furch guitars.  I will find them and link to them from this page which will help answer the burning question "Are Furch Guitars any good?"

Whilst I have produced my own videos on Furch guitars highlighting their incredible quality - and have been the UKS biggest dealer for every year I have been involved - I do appreciate that I am BOUND to say Furch guitars are great when I sell them - right?

Richards Guitars however works back to front - I find guitars I LOVE and I recommend them.  I DONT recommend guitars because I "can".  Every single guitar I sell is a personal recommendation and thats why you will hear some of the highest profile guitar reviewers singing the praises of Furch guitars too.

When I first began selling Furch guitars - I had what I would call the "top recognised brands" of the day.  Taylor & Martin included.  

It wasnt long before the Furch guitars were dominating both markets.  The Taylors were replaced by what is now called the Furch Yellow Series and Martins were swallowed up by the Blue series variations and the Vintage series.

Q.  "Are Furch guitars good?"

A. They are not just good but World Class





I have been playing 30 years.i bought my first furch a while back,i now have three.these are well made,and sound superb.

Ian swan

Hello Richard and all of you at Richard’s guitars.
The Furch Yellow OMCR that I bought from you is definitely good and I play it every day. It has lovely sound and is so easy to play.

Chris Tinkler

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