A new face at Richards Guitars!

But I haven't taken a photo yet so you can't see him!!

His name is Josh, he is 19 and his passion is graphic design with a view to helping businesses with their brand image.

So whilst I am sure he will make an excellent cup of tea, he is ideal for helping me with so many varying aspects of of my in store and online marketing.

Josh is of course another pair of hands to hep me with all activities that go on behind the scenes and a key role will be in helping me fend off those horrible time wasting sales calls and people wanting me to advertise blah blah blah.

I took Josh on because he seems to have a very responsible and level headed outlook and he takes great pride in his work - an A grader in all is school work.... and yet to see him grunt - which is a big bonus to relative to some teenagers I have seen!

Josh DOESN'T play guitar and I truly believe for the role I have taken him for this is a big bonus - he won't be distracted!  So don't grab him expecting advice!! Not unless you want some graphic design work you need doing which I am sure he will be happy to talk to you about.

OK - Thats about it - I thought I could run the place single handidly and I did a pretty damned decent job of it for 4.5 years.... the last 6 months have however shown there truly is a limit to what one man can do on his own and on that....

Thank you and welcome Josh!!!



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