Gordon Smith Guitars - Why I Continue To Support them.

Gordon Smith guitars have been one of the strongest personal passions of mine since the day I first picked one up.

I opened my business in 1995.  I was 22.  One of the first guitars that arrived through my door for part exchange with a guitar I was selling was none other than a GS1 thick body, all gloss body in tobacco burst.  In those days it was called a "Gypsy".  Even then it must have been 10 years old so reflecting back - it must have been one of the first.

I knew instantly this was a special guitar.  It had such a wonderful natural characteristic - not like any of the mass produced guitars I was used to seeing.  In 1995 the internet was JUST becoming a reality and you certainly couldn't research on it like you can now - but I did my research through word of mouth and finally came to find the origin of this guitar - Partington in Northampton!

To that day to this I have wanted raise awareness of the UKs greatest guitar building hidden secret.  

Regrettably we live in a World built on marketing hype and hysteria.  A World where we are encouraged to buy a guitar "because this famous guy plays one" rather than the quality of the instrument or the way it makes us feel personally.  We naturally follow our heros but regrettably they are generally given instruments or paid to play instruments to ensure the legacy of the companies brand continues - and so the likes of Gordon Smith rarely get seen  in high profile - that is unless the band has more scruples and dignity than to sell themselves out to the marketeers - but then who can blame them?  Fame is no doubt generally short lived and won't pay the bills forever!

If however you want..

*Absolute, genuine qualty

A truly unique instrument that can be personalized to your taste

A hand made guitar from the UK, lovingly produed in a dedicated workshop in Northampton

To not have to pay more than a mass produced guitar from the Far East

Then you will CERTAINLY want to learn more about Gordon Smith guitars.

It is my belief that EVERY UK guitarist should own one.  Not just because of the wondrous quality and personality but I think we should all consider supporting British guitar building over mass production from the Far East.

Please contact me any time for a chat about them.

Buy Gordon Smith Guitars Online

 Buy Gordon Smith Guitar Online


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