R Guitars - Custom Guitar Project Continues..

Well all very positive news so far.  My requirements were all fulfilled by my friends in China.  A stunning ebony board, beautiful finishing detail and wow what can I say about the work they have done on my logo?  Check out the pics!   This stage is possibly the biggest hurdle I should face so this is very exciting news.

I am in the throws of putting together my parts list to turn this guitar into a top end pro guitar with style!!

CTS pots are industry standard on top end Fenders and Gibsons as are Switchcraft 3 way toggles on Gibson.  So they were a must.  A couple of top end push/push coil taps are on order too.  I LOVE push/push.  You never seem to get them on any guitars these days purely because of the expense.  They are so much easier to use than a pull type and have a re-assuring movement to them that feels classy.

Just as a customer could who was customising one of my guitars personally, I have contacted Aaron at Armstrong guitars about my personal pickup requirements.  On this occasion I want the back pickup super hot, cutting - a full modern lead guitar tone and the front pickup as warm and fat as can be - super jazz territory.  I want this guitar to go from chalk to cheese!!!

To top off these majestic hand wound pickups will be gold covers with the R logo engraved into each cover.  

Oh man this is so exciting.... I am just so worried about how I will react to selling the damn things..... just have to remind myself they will be going to loving homes who appreciate them like I do!

Here are some pics for you of the guitar so far...

I will update you when we finally have the parts and pickups installed!


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