Gordon-Smith Guitars Are Back!

Wow wow wow.

My dreams have been answered!

Gordon-Smith guitars have been taken over so I can hopefully continue to enjoy my passion for this wonderful British Guitar company.

I know it sounds terrible to say it but a slap dash attitude toward quality had become endemic within GS Guitars in the latter years leading to a decision even I could not believe I was being forced to make - to drop one of my most cherished guitar brands.

Whilst John was at the helm it was clear there was no future for me endorsing the unforgivable "what they don't know doesn't hurt" mentality - I would go as far to say he had lost respect for the people who supported the line.  UK Guitarists have continued to support GS guitars and I believe his followers deserved more.

I will never forget my first memory of Gordon-Smith  20 years ago.  It was one of the first guitars that was brought in to my shop for part exchange.  It only had one pickup but it just felt so great.  The brass nut caught my eye - then I realised it had a coil tap.  I plugged it in and my god it sang!  I never did sell it on - instead I gave it to my Dad who has it to this day.  From that moment I was hooked.

It was a painful time watching quality slip - maybe John had his eye on retirement - who knows but lets just focus on the positive - GS has a fresh start from here.

Auden Guitars who have taken over the brand name and the original tooling to continue producing Gordon-Smith guitars in the way they have always been made but with the added attention to detail that differentiates from "home made" to "hand made".

I cannot tell you how excited I am.

In the next couple of weeks I have arranged to visit Doug at Auden Guitars to look at Gordon-Smiths new home where I will see GS Guitars being made but also see them finishing off the Auden Acoustic Guitars - which will be interesting in its own right.

I am now able to take orders for Gordon-Smith guitars and I can promise you faithfully not one aspect of a Gordon-Smith guitar I sell will have originated in Manchester - based on my own experiences I want every aspect of my Gordon-Smith guitars to be under the trusted hand of Doug in Northampton.

As I get news and developments I will keep you posted so do stay in touch.


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