Gordon-Smith Announces Volumax & Blacklab Booster!

 I am yet to hear this in person as its all so new but the cost of this little add on is £80 and certainly sounds REALLY interesting!  It all adds to the uniqueness of all things Gordon-Smith!  If you are going to have a custom guitar by a British guitar building legend you may as well go all the way - especially as they are so ludicrously cheap!

Check out the Gordon smith range here or read on for details from Gordon-Smith on the new Volumaz and Blacklab Booster...

Volumax and Blacklab Booster

We are delighted to announce the introduction of our new PASSIVE ‘Volumax’ volume booster and ‘Blacklab’ overdrive simulator.  They are separate devices and available as such, but much more astonishing when fitted in tandem.

The ‘Volumax’ is a wholly passive volume boost of around 10% over the stock pickup output.  It takes the anyway very powerful humbucker and P.90’s into ‘wall of sound’ territory and, if the ‘Blacklab’ is put onto that, a gigawatt amp, totally overdriven is the sonic result!

Newcomers to the electric guitar could well say “oh, but I can simply turn my amp up”, old timers would advise, nothing else duplicates that sound of a really powerful pickup.

A really good addition to a humbucker or P.90 guitar, becomes a genuine game changer to an instrument equipped with the enormously popular smaller single coil units.  At the flick of a switch, the player enters humbucker/P.90 country and if the ‘Blacklab’ tone modification has also been specified the guitars versatility increases exponentially.  If you play such a guitar, you owe it to your music to have these options.

Any of our guitars, (and whisper it at present), basses, can be fitted with the ‘Volumax’ and/or ‘Blacklab’ options, either ordered with, or retro-fitted by ourselves.

We must re-iterate, as players sampling the devices, find it hard to believe, they are totally passive.

  •    No battery
  •    No maintenance 
  •    Just sheer pleasure!

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