Forthcoming "Holiday". 25th March - 9th April

Whilst the showroom will be closed I will be available for inquiries & processing orders pretty much as normal although contact will be mainly via email.

Contacting Richard Whilst The Showroom Is Closed

Log your enquiry using the tab on the left hand side (Orange Tab "Log Enquiry With Richard").  This will enter all your contact details onto my customer database and will associate any further contact with your enquiry and details on the system.  It works beautifully!  

I WILL get back to you promptly if you use this method.

Live Help

Keep any eye out for this as I will be available at certain times most days so just see if I am there!

Online Orders

Any order received online will be processed as normal.   I am continuing to dispatch guitars during my break and the workshop will also be operational as normal but will only be working on guitars sold.

All I ask is for you to be mindful that I will do my best for you whilst I balance your needs with my time out.

Thank you for your patience whilst I take my holiday.  I won't be far away as we are doing some renovations at home and appreciate the time with my family during the holiday period.


A Notice For People Who Think I Don't Want To Be Disturbed!

Disturb me!  

By making an inquiry during my holiday break helps me feel wanted!!!  People are so kind and polite when I go on holiday and feel I should have time off so don't contact me until I return.  All this does is gives me a MASSIVE back log on my first day back!!!  It is really kind to consider my time off but hand on heart I am more relaxed dealing with inquiries which is why I make myself available when I am taking some time out.  

Thank you.


As for showroom visitors...

See you on 10th April! ( I already have appointments booked in for my return so PLEASE make sure you contact me if you need to arrange a time to visit)

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