Further Communication Improvements

It has been a long standing frustration of mine that by using so many different avenues of communication to spread my message it is nigh on impossible to track and maintain a thread of conversation between all of them.  My communication software which I introduced at the beginning of the year ("log enquiry with Richard" button on the left hand side) has been fantastic and a big help with my general enquiries.  This remain the "official" and "recommended" route to enquiring with myself online. However!  Another new fangled gadget has enabled me to pool all of the streams of content including...


Twitter messages

Twitter @ mentions

Facebook posts

Facebook likes

Facebook messaging


Phone messages


All together in one place!! PHEW!!!!  Not only that but its all sent to my Iphone too so I can get all this stuff on the move.


My I phone was a birthday present and that too has been a massive help so when a customer creates an initial inquiry on the site and I have my phone with me I can just press the telephone number and call the customer back instantly if it is appropriate to do so.

All of this technology continues to help me help you and ensures I can continue to provide my highly personalized service to the standard I am happy with.

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