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Article: Best Budget Electric Guitar & Advice Guitar Shops Don't Give You!

Best Budget Electric Guitar Advice
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Best Budget Electric Guitar & Advice Guitar Shops Don't Give You!

If you are looking for electric guitar advice and looking for the best budget electric guitar - you will be swamped with budget electric guitars listed on Google and swamped with a hundred and one....

Top 10 Budget Electric Guitars...

... Features.  Well...  Hopefully if nothing else I can SAVE you from the marketing - the hype - and often the industry itself which is soooo based on "smoke and mirrors".  No more so than any other industry, it seems.  It doesn't matter who I have spoken to in my 27 years in guitar retail - specializing in giving guitar advice - Every industry seems the same.  There is what the customer SHOULD know - and what the customers DOES know!  The two apparently poles apart.

Needless to say I AM going to make you a budget electric guitar recommendation but I have to tell you in order to make the right buying decision you really should contact us first.  Its simply not possible to give you the "best budget electric guitar" because it doesn't exist - what DOES exist are YOUR needs - your requirements - and they will vary from player to player.  The facts below are crucial too - so please do read on if you want the best budget guitar for your needs.

You are on this page though because you are looking for an electric guitar on a budget so lets focus at under £200.

Here is my tip #1 

#1 Make sure your budget guitar is setup well. 

Sadly this is the last piece of advice you will find in any guitar shop who is trying to sell you a budget electric guitar.  Why?  Because they want to focus on SELLING you the guitar - not putting you off - or creating a barrier to the sale.  The setup of the guitar is VITAL to your long term enjoyment.

Whilst the following video from our workshop is based on an acoustic guitar there are as many if not more adjustments and hand finishing touches to a well setup budget electric guitar - but I think you should watch this video to get a better understanding of what can turn your guitar from a very poor playing instrument (which budget electric guitars can often be) to an instrument that feels like a professional grade guitar - despite the budget price point,....


#2 Make sure your budget electric guitar is comfortable for you to learn on.

This is another really important factor to take into account, which is often overlooked when guitar shops sell beginners their first electric guitar.  Once again this advice is possibly best evidenced in another video I did after being very frustrated by watching my own pupils struggle on guitars that do not suit them - but they bought the guitar because someone they knew played one - whether it be a famous player or one of their friends etc.  The "Les Paul" style guitar shown in the video MAY STILL BE your best option - but you will only know if you chat to us (use our live chat - I am online most hours or call 01789 263333 during office hours).   However -this style of guitar wouldnt be my #1 best budget electric guitar recommendation if you are looking for a guitar that suits a wider range of playing and want a guitar that is comfortable to learn on.


 Best Budget Electric Guitars - My Recommendations

Click here for a wide selection of my personally recommended best budget electric guitars which when combined with our 50% OFF Professional setup voucher (normally £90 - you get it for £45!) you will receive an amazing guitar setup to perfection whether it be on its own or in the guitar package including amp and all the accessories - but once again PLEASE contact us for advice on the best budget electric guitar that suits your needs.


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