Eastman AC308CE FINALLY HERE!!! (I Doubt For Long - Limited Edition)

Eastman AC308CE FINALLY HERE!!! (I Doubt For Long - Limited Edition)

Wow!  What can I say about the Eastman AC308CE Limited Edition?!  Where do I start?

Well for a start - the Eastman AC308CE was launched in Christmas 2020 launched at the NAMM show - however despite being touted as available for Summer 2021 covid made sure that these didnt turn up unil just before we closed for Christmas holidays!

What makes the Eastman AC308CE even greater value for money is the price was set a year ago so all the recent price increases that have effected prices on all guitars THIS particular one hasnt changed.

As a limited edition - only one batch were made for the World market - and there will be no more - at the incredible price of £1000!

So look for example at the AC322CE - similar but lower specification but £100 more than this one!  Yet this guitar is a limited edition, has a stunning slotted headstock, additional cosmetics / inlays all for £1000

The AC308CE is a smaller bodied guitar - smaller than the grand auditorium AC322CE.  Eastman literally do not make any other smaller body electro!  It really is a stunningly beautiful "almost" one off.

Anyone who can get their hands on the Eastman AC322CE is going to enjoy the most wonderful, comfortable, stunningly beautiful electro acoustic guitar.

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