Eastman SB59 Finally Launches! (Boutique Hand Made Les Paul Alternative)

The Eastman SB59 has been a project I have been sworn to secrecy over, not even being able to see pictures until the official launch - but I KNEW it was going to be exciting because what I do know is how well Eastman make their archtops and flat top acoustics.  For them to produce a solid body guitar it would have to be the very best.

From what I have seen so far it is promising to be exactly that!  Check out this video of the NAMM 17 Official launch video and you will see the SB59s feature a couple of times, along with their awesome new aged acoustics and ES330 models - all so exciting and will be in stock within the next couple of months.

Here too are a couple of photos of the new SB59 which is available to order right now with the first examples arriving March/April time...

Eastman SB59


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