Finally! The Wood For Our First Lakestone Acoustic - Hand Made In Wolverhampton, England

Finally!  The Wood For Our First Lakestone Acoustic - Hand Made In Wolverhampton, England

There is so much to tell you I don't know where to start?  It all began last summer when I got an email from Hiscox cases...

It went like this... " Richard  Hello  I have not spoken for some  time  .

Just had Tony here from Lakestone  guitars, He makes  fantastic Acoustics  about £3000 each , they really are FAB. He said he would love you to carry them.... "

Prior to that moment I had no knowledge of Lakestone guitars - or that they were based in England - let alone Wolverhampton ( a stones through from my home!).

Needless to say I was intrigued - one thing led to another and ended up in their workshop situated in Wolverhampton.  

Guitar production doesn't get any more hands on / authentic than what I witnessed and it was pure joy seeing the skills these 2 chaps possess. 

The back story is remarkable.  Both Tony & his son Sam are people of strong faith - Tony being a vicar!   So - in theory you could buy a Lakestone, have it played at your wedding & have Tony join you and your wife in holy matrimony! 

If this isn't remarkable enough Tony also has the accolade of the man who redesigned the Curly Wurly bar (he designed the tooling) but a little more close to "topic" he also created the tooling for Lowden Fan Fret models.

Tonys motivation is to help provide his son Sam a platform to be self-sufficient - a little like myself you could say - doing something he loves - whilst feeding his family!

The goodness of heart and spirit that flows from Tony & Sam is without question - only matched by the quality of the wonderful creations they painstakingly produce.

Lakestone acoustic guitars tick every single box for me personally.  A wonderful back story - hand made guitars - lovely people - a brand to be proud to represent.

What is also wonderful is I already work with David who makes my hand made leather guitar straps in Walsall (Walsall Guitar Straps).  Working with such wonderfully skilled people not just in England but in my area of the country is a total privilege.

I will update my news page as my guitar takes shape but here are the general specifications of my first ever Lakestone guitar.

I am going to be quite sad to have to sell it - but I cannot justify (or afford!) to keep it for myself...

Ziricote back and sides.
Red Western Cedar soundboard
Mahogany binding and bevel
Custom Rosette with abalone (to be decided),
Five piece laminated Mahogany and rosewood neck with carbon fibre reinforcement
Ebony fingerboard
Two way truss rod
Fan Fret scale lengths 680/635
Wide neck series 45mm at the nut 57mm at the 14th fret. Slimline thickness 20mm
Ziricote bridge
Customer Testimonial
Check out this recent comment from a recent customer of Lakestone Guitars...
Here is the Ziricote back plates.... oh my...
and the sides will look INCREDIBLE too...


 If you would like to reserve this guitar - it will be sold for 3499.

Please call us on 01789 263333.

NO MONEY is required.  Just your intent -  A Gentlemans agreement will be made between us.  We will send you updates along the way and photos and video of the final guitar - If you still want it - THEN you pay us and we will get it out to you!!

I cannot stress how unbelievably cheap this is for a guitar of this quality with fan fret and bevel made here in England.  I believe this is a genuine investment opportunity as I see big things unfolding for Sam in the next decade or two and am so proud to be involved fairly early on.



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