Leather Guitar Straps & Schaller Strap Locks Service

Leather Guitar Straps & Schaller Strap Locks Service

Leather Guitar Straps

Just a quick update on our leather guitar straps now exclusively available from Richards Guitars.

Working with the guys who produce Walsall Leather Guitar Straps has already been an incredible experience.  I have learnt so much and can now offer leather guitar straps (not just any leather guitar strap - hand made bridle leather guitar straps) to my customers when buying a guitar.

Visit http://www.walsallguitarstraps.co.uk for more details

The leather guitar strap is a perfect addition.  It will literally last a lifetime and comes with a lifetime assurance for repair or replace.  A leather guitar strap of quality like these will literally get better and better over decades of use.  It will wear - like you do - It will show creases and signs of age - like you do!  Unlike you however it improves with age getting more supple and will most likely outlive you (I am sorry to say!).

Most guitar straps, including thin or poor quality leather guitar straps will need to be replaced many times but more importantly they can be a danger to the safety of your guitar and cause pain when playing.

Your guitar could not be in a safer place than hanging from one of our quality leather guitar straps and with a combination of layers including bridle leather, calf leather and memory foam - you won't know you have a guitar hanging off it!

For those who get fed up taking the leather guitar strap on and off (quality leather guitar straps can be quite a pain to keep taking on and off the strap button) we offer free installation of Schaller guitar strraplocks when you purchase the locks with the guitar.

If you purchase the leather guitar strap and the schaller guitar straplocks we will fit it all for you.  The straplocks to the guitar and to the leather guitar strap!   All part of the service.

For ANY furher advice please just click on the chat.  I am so proud to be working with the guys at Walsall Guitar Straps and can only thank them for the opportunity they have provided me to work with them.

Hope you love them as much as me!

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