Proudly Presenting Lowden Guitars

Proudly Presenting Lowden Guitars
Lowden Guitars
It is with enormous pride and excitement that I can announce the launch of my UK Lowden Dealership.

What makes this development all the more exciting is how I have come to this position.
Lowden are not just a brand.  Their reputation is second to none - their ethos mirrors my own in their efforts to produce perfection every time.  It is for this reason that I was taken a back when they contacted me and asked whether I would consider working with them to represent their guitars.

To have them approach me - and for me to not have to beg them to "let me in" to their very select dealership structure.  Lowden "don't do" opening dealerships - There is always a waiting list for their guitars and whenever I have had the rare opportunity to get my hands on a used one it has always sold before I can have a moment to savor its beauty!

So it seems my efforts haven't gone unnoticed and I am so privileged to have such an opportunity - I am lost for words!  BUT  the pressure is now on to show them their faith in me wasn't misguided! 

My aim now is to assist anyone looking for a Lowden guitar and provide an enjoyable experience whether online or in store.  An investment in a Lowden guitar will be  backed up by my own well reputed service which brought Lowden to my door in the first place so I do hope you will consider me if you have always longed for a Lowden (remember I have interest free credit making a Lowden an affordable luxury rather than a pipe dream!).

So What can I say?  I am shocked, excited and desperate to show you my new babies!!

Obviously being hand made in Ireland means it will be a little while before I have anything physically in store but I am putting my 12 month guitar schedule in place as we speak.

If you want a Lowden made for you just let me know and we can work on it together. Expect a build time of about 12 weeks but my first example should be with me by August.

In the mean time watch out for more news, developments and my 12 month build schedule will be published soon too so you will know whats coming! 

SO, a massive thank you to Lowden for the opportunity and exciting times for me personally and future customers who will now be able to find out what the fuss is all about!

Lowden Guitars UK

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