Richards Guitars Forum Update

Richards Guitars Forum Update

Richards Guitars Guitar Forum is now back open at

Anyone who ever pops in to visit my forum will see it is closed.  

This is however only temporary whilst I get the forum back where it belongs - on a personally hosted platform.

If you are ever considering a "step up" from traditional forums and want to pay for a quality hosted model BYPASS   A once thriving destination was destroyed by this clumsy unintuitive model which lacked even the most basic of features such as post visit counters (only finding out after installation of course).

As with all big companies they make it as easy to join as possible (free installation and migration) but then charge you $200 for the data when you leave and $150 per HOUR for additional help.  In the mean time I have been paying £100 a month for a site that previously I enjoyed for free (I only upgraded to secure the future of the site - irony).

Thankfully in recent times I have teamed up with a wonderful IT genius who has offered to help me resolve the problem - so its heading back home!

The new forum will be self hosted and using the "vanilla" forum platform which is well regarded for its intuitive and expandable design so it can suit any "flavor" of community.

I have been running my guitar forum since 2001 so 15 years of content would have been so sad to lose and I am desperate to keep my forum running for the benefit of the members who have enjoyed visiting for so many years.

My retail site now runs from "" so I have decided to put my forum in its rightful position of "" to bring continuity and ensure the association is clear (I am very proud of the community and always have been - however difficult it has been to maintain!).  The forum and retail site should seamlessly navigate between themselves depending on whether you want to talk guitars or buy guitars!

So with that said  and the wind blowing in the right direction the new forum will be live, on or around July 16th

See if we are live yet....

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