Richards Guitars Hits 1000 Reviews!

This isn't 1000 sets of strings, effects pedals, straps, cables and random accessories that fills most online stores reviews sections.

This is 1000 hand finished guitars, each one set up to the customers personal specification (by my tech of over a decade), play tested and finally packed by myself.

When you run a business so focused on personalized service it can be strained at times as there is only one "me" (and my lovely wife Teresa - and Chris my tech).

I am driven by making people happy and all I strive for is a life balance between enjoying my work, looking after my beautiful family and ensuring my customers are treated in the same way I would treat my best friend if they ever wanted a guitar.

Thank you SO much if you are one of the 1000 customers who have taken the time to review your guitar in the past couple of years since my review system was introduced.



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