Order Your Sheeran Guitar & Receive FREE Dakota Leather Walsall Guitar Strap Worth £119

Order Your Sheeran Guitar & Receive FREE Dakota Leather Walsall Guitar Strap Worth £119

Sheeran Guitars

Well the order is in and we are expecting the full range of Sheeran guitars (8 models) to arrive in April/May.  Needless to say nobody can get them any quicker - I got our order in the same evening the announcement came through to ensure I was top of the list!

In a very short period of time we have already received 3 orders but if we take as many orders as I am expecting - unsecured  - it could prove to be quite a headache.

So on this occasion I will be taking a £119 deposit - to secure your guitar.

But guess what....

You will in return receive a  FREE Dakota Leather guitar strap worth £119

This strap is literally the finest guitar strap money can buy and it will be yours to keep as way of saying thank you for your commitment to ordering the Sheeran guitar when they arrive.

When your guitar arrives you will pay only the balance of your guitar minus the £119 you have already paid - yep - your Dakota strap will be yours totally free of charge.

Hope you love the offer - I could not be more proud of the straps so I thought it was a nice "tie in".  

Here is a letter from a recent recipient...

" Richard I just want to confirm I have received my Walsall guitar strap and I have to say I have never experienced such a comfortable strap in all my 40 years of playing guitar.  This will see me to my grave "

If you see the offer on the product page - You are in luck!  Just place your order and you will get your free guitar strap sent to you as soon as you have paid your deposit for the Sheeran Guitar.

Free Dakota Leather Guitar Strap By Walsall

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