The Best 12 String Electro Acoustic Guitar Under £500

Best 12 String Electro Acoustic Guitar Under £500

The very first moment I took hold of the LAG T177 J12CE I knew this was a very special 12 string electro acoustic guitar.

My benchmark was the award winning and long standing personal recommendation the Faith FKV12

The FKV12 has really maintained its recommendation based on its all solid wood credentials - its pickup is minimalistic and its stying is well... pretty bland lets be honest - but its all solid wood build made it a worthy recommendation all be it a little uninspiring - but functional.

The LAG?  

So lets get one thing out the way straight away - its NOT all solid.  It has a laminate back and sides but if this guitar didnt sound totally incredible I would never dream of recommending it over the Faith - but the reality is it sounds WAY better!  Its GORGEOUS!!!

Why?  Well LAG seem to know how to produce benchmark mid price electro acoustic guitars - its what they do.  Affordable, stylish and really well made acoustic guitars.  They are what I call an honest guitar - They sound as good as they look - they feel as good as they sound - all round beautiful instruments and this 12 string electro acoustic guitar is no exception.

The Electronics - superb.  Just check out the range of controls...


Best 12 String Electro Acoustic Guitar LAG T177 J12CE

Bass, middle, treble, phase and notch control.  All manner of control that far surpasses the Faith and plugged in you will be rewarded with a superior overal sound - its gorgeous!

The larger jumbo body helps project the voice of this 12 string guitar acoustically and in fact the laminate back and sides make the guitar more controlled when in a plugged in situation.

Because the body is larger the headstock is far more balanced.  12 string guitars are notorious for their neck heavy feel but by having more body weight in the larger jumbo body this gives the overall feel of the LAG a very balanced feel indeed.

Stylistically?  Just look at it?

Best 12 string electro acoustic guitar under £500

So it looks beautiful - sounds fantastic both plugged in and acoustically and our setups will ensure this already stunning 12 string plays like a dream - set up to your personal specification.

This guitar has blown me away.  I dare you take my personal recommendation and should you feel any less amazed by this benchmark 12 string electro acoustic guitar - I will refund you and send you a complimentary gift as way as apology - Trust me... I wont be giving away too many gifts!   After 27 years doing this I really hope I know the best 12 string electro acoustic guitar when I come across it.

You can learn more about the LAG T177 12JCE here...

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